Be you, here, with us: Belonging goes deeper than diversity and inclusion

by Isabel Collins, Founder, Belonging Space
Isabel is delighted to be taking part at the DiversityQ Diversity and Inclusion Summit 4 Dec 19 

Why belonging matters

As a tribal social species, we are deeply programmed for a sense of belonging. 

It brings us identity, unity, purpose, deeper meaning and commitment – as individuals and collectively.

We need to belong, know how to belong, and as a result can achieve far more together than alone.

But we can also make brutally quick judgement on whether someone else ‘belongs’, run the risk of ‘conformity’ rather than challenge, and can organise ourselves in tribes for battle rather than business.

Few companies really want sameness and exclusion – but diversity and inclusion takes concerted effort. Belonging goes even deeper.

How can you build a strong sense of belonging in your company?

How can you make sure that belonging is for collaboration and not conflict?

Invite people to belong:
Be you, here, with us

Belonging Space helps clients to include diverse individuals into shared effort and collective talent – from ‘me’ to ‘us’.

We support with consultancy to solve challenges, and as thinking partners bringing our expertise to help our clients shape their plans internally.

We run workshops to co-create next steps in inclusion and belonging, and to tackle difficult issues together.

We provide toolkits and resources and train teams internally to run activities, as an engine of belonging from within.

We run challenging leadership events to help leaders connect strategy, values, culture and inclusion so everybody knows what it means to belong here, their part in making that happen – and how we all turn that into commercial success.

Let’s chat. 

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