Small cultural indicators with big impact, on World Ethics Day

It’s the little erosions of ethics that make the big contraventions possible.

Watch out, UK business, and put the work in for a strong culture of ethics.

Take a look at how ethics is seen in what it means to belong to your organisation. It’s not so much compliance as conformity that leaders need to watch out for.

On World Ethics Day, here are a few pointers for thought:

  • Are people conforming to good or bad ethical practice?
  • What are you tolerating, that you shouldn’t?
  • Are you putting up with what appear to be minor issues?
  • Or what are people working around, because it’s easier under pressure?

More than the code of ethics on the page, what is the prevailing code in culture and behaviour?

Most people want to ‘do the right thing’. And they’ll learn what that is by copying the behaviour of leaders, and the practices that are encouraged and rewarded.

If you want to know where to start, or to do a quick test of ethical indicators, or involve your people in strengthening a culture of ethics, we’re happy to share our experience and talk through appropriate approaches.