Our Founders’ Culture Bootcamp: Coaching leaders to manage culture from start-up to grown-up


“Culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage that is completely within the control of the entrepreneur.
Develop a strong culture first and foremost.”

David Cummings, founder of Pardot  (sold to ExactTarget, now Salesforce, for $95m)

This is what our Founders’ Culture Bootcamp equips founders and leaders of start-ups to do.

What is culture?

Culture is how we do things, what we value, our everyday habits, the way we make decisions.
Culture is how we interact with each other and with others.
Culture is how we describe the nature of a group, its personality, and how it expresses its identity.
And culture is the environment in which we grow: it’s how we cultivate success.

Why should start-ups invest in culture?

In the start-up roller-coaster, getting your culture right is essential to survive and thrive.
Companies like Airbnb, Valve, HubSpot – even John Lewis – codified their culture as the base for success from start-up to scale-up.
Culture affects behaviour, and therefore business,
in so many ways: decision-making, collaboration, productivity, ethics – they all impact your bottom line.

It costs money, talent, and clients if it’s not right.
And when managed well, culture makes you more money, talent, and clients.

But can you see how and do you know why?

We’ve pinpointed how culture can help or harm start-ups as they scale-up. So you can invest in the gain without the pain.

What is the Founders’ Culture Bootcamp?

A two-day intensive course specially for founders and leaders of start-ups, led by culture experts.

You’ll learn to decode your culture, and ensure it helps, not harms, your business.
So you can hire better, motivate better, lead better – and grow faster.


We equip you to lead the culture that will help your business grow.
This is fast, deep, small-group learning, in a safe environment, with like-minded peers.

It’s individualised: you create your own Belonging Framework™️ on which to build.
Plus a follow-up session, a couple of hours just for you.
You gain practical techniques, personalised to your business.
We give you our toolkit to take back to your team so you can put your Belonging Framework™️ into action.
You’ll be part of the Belonging Space Start-up Community, with our online networks and meet-ups.

As a start-up, your culture hinges on you.
But as you grow, the culture needs not to depend on you.
We’ll show you how.

What’s the format?

Small group learning, max 12 participants.
Close-support in threes, for deep coaching.

Through a series of hands-on challenges we share:
• What good looks like in people and culture
• Decode how your current culture helps or harms your business
• How to nurture culture that accelerates growth, and how to align culture and people to achieve better results

On Day 1 we address start-up culture in practical terms and identify speci c impacts in your business.
On Day 2 we dig deeper into your start-up’s challenges. A series of close-support sessions on culture, people and leadership.

Benefit continues after the Bootcamp…

We’ve designed the Bootcamp so you can consolidate, activate and continue the momentum:
• Personalised Belonging Framework and action plan
• Toolkit to take back to your team
• Individual follow-up session

What will you learn?

We will teach you how to…
Define and nurture your culture
• Uphold your ethos, purpose and values
• Extend your sense of belonging (avoid silos) across more people, places, and disciplines
• Hire, retain and develop talent as you grow (so ‘culture fit’ doesn’t mean ‘clones’)
• Build culture into talent management: rapid scale- up, recruitment, retention, and development
• Encourage the behaviour (your own and everybody’s) to sustain culture
• Overcome resistance to process and system as you scale: how to set up liberating structures
• Motivate commitment and collaboration with colleagues, customers, partners, and investors
• Build infrastructure for culture and maintain integrity
• Develop and adapt a cohesive leadership style
• Scale culture to support business expansion

Culture isn’t something you tick off a list, you’re never ‘done’: building a sense of belonging is constant, and it comes from inside. If you lead it well, culture will power your business.

When, where, who, and how to book

The Founders’ Culture Bootcamp is run at our offices in London.
No, it’s not a glamorous retreat in the middle of wilderness.
We welcome you to our bright space with a good coffee machine and a well-stocked fridge.
Every penny you spend goes on giving you the best training in culture and belonging.


Friday 29 June: 8.30am – 8.30pm (dinner included)
Saturday 30 June: 9am – 4pm
Next dates in July and September


The Bootcamp will be held at our offices, in London, 3 minutes from Angel tube station.
326 City Road,
Angel, London, EC1V 2PT

What does it cost?

Super-Worm-Catcher: £1,300 (first 2 only!)
Early Bird: £1,500 (limited availability)
Standard: £2,000
25% off 2nd ticket (for the same company): £1,500

Own nest: We’re happy to set up a private session with your leadership team at a special rate.

Who leads the Founders’ Culture Bootcamp?

The team developed this idea from shared desire to help start-ups develop a robust culture, and experience of supporting businesses through rapid growth.  

Isabel Collins, Founder Of Belonging Space, is a specialist in culture, values and belonging. With over 27 years’ experience, and as a founder herself, Isabel knows best practice in culture – and how to avoid the pitfalls.

Barry Flack, People and Culture Consultant, specialises in aligning HR interventions across the employee lifecycle to strengthen belonging. Barry works closely with start-ups on people and culture, talent management, and HR technology. Barry brings the experience of managing rapid expansion and strategic change from the inside as HR Director in several sectors.

Olivia Gadd, Leadership Coach, is experienced in supporting the particular leadership challenges of start-up founders. Olivia loves helping people to find their own solutions, to tackle difficult issues, and to be bold in their thinking.

How to book?

Email to isabel@belongingspace.com or call on 0207 833 6420

Call us to find out more about the Founders’ Culture Bootcamp, and see more about Belonging Space here.