Politicians: What does belonging to the UK mean to you? Answers from the heart & gut please

I have voted have you?

Just over a week to go to the UK Parliamentary election. 

Blimey. Has ever an election campaign been more confounding? 

The themes of belonging and not belonging, collective and individual, surround our times. The right to vote defines our own belonging, as citizens, to our country.

So how do our political leaders feel about this? 

We’re asking the party leaders, leading politicians and regional Mayors what belonging to the UK – and to their region or constituency – means to them.

We’re asking via Twitter @BelongingSpace so the answer can be quick, short and direct.

We’re hoping to get a bit of insight from our leaders – from their heart and gut – into what it means to belong to the UK. 

Perhaps they’ll give us their personal resonance on the much generalised ‘British values’. Or share what matters to them, or their own beliefs, about belonging. Or a symbol, habit, style of leadership or the shared accountability, that represents belonging to the UK today.

Politicians: we need to know you’re human too! Let us know what belonging means to you.

Everybody else can let us know too, send the challenge on to your constituency MP or candidate. Drop us a line via Twitter @BelongingSpace, or in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.

We’ll build a collection of responses and see what it tells us about our leaders and our national sense of belonging.

Answers by Monday 5 June please!