Quoted: CorpComms ‘Is the annual employee survey dying?’

In this piece by CorpComms Magazine Caroline Poynton wonders whether surveying employees every year is the most accurate way to assess their views, or whether there are some better options.

She looks at some of the problems with the annual survey, the glassdoor effect, the internal shift away from traditional surveys towards higher quality current information, the context of the bigger picture of engagement and whether anonymity guarantees truth in an employee survey.

Belonging Space is quoted

“Isabel Collins, founding director of Belonging Space, was struck by just how expensive these third-party run surveys can be too. ‘I’ve seen large financial institutions with huge cultural challenges spending £500,000 every two years on these surveys that ask 12 or 24 questions, but don’t give any rich feedback on which you can base decisions. It’s a bad use of a lot of money.’ “

And our Belonging Litmus Test is discussed as a more in-depth alternative to an employee survey

“…This has shaped the approach at Belonging Space, which works with companies to help develop a positive culture with a sense of belief and belonging.

Its ‘Belonging Litmus Test’ aims to reveal what is helping or harming a business. It includes an employee survey, but is preceded by observations of day-to-day behaviour, as well as workshops and discussions to test what has been observed. The survey is followed up by further observations to test its findings.

‘It’s about doing a much richer investment in a proper culture survey with evidence-based data on which organisations can base decisions,’ says Collins.

Overall, the trend seems to be moving completely away from the hierarchical top-down approach. It’s no longer about polling employee views on an annual basis to check they’re not about to mutiny, and probably not trusting the results anyway. It’s about everyone collaborating to share honest opinions and, more than that, giving them a stake in the business’s future by allowing them to share new ideas and solve business problems.”

For more information on how our Belonging Litmus Test could help get in touch at francis@belongingspace.com.