Leading and belonging

We were delighted to see the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) exploring the implications of culture for business and good reporting, with its Culture Coalition over the last year. With its report this summer, ‘Culture and the role of the Board’, the FRC put culture at the top of the corporate agenda and taken seriously by the inner sanctum of British Business.

We are looking forward to welcoming our guest speakers for the seminar: Anna Colban and Karen Wilson. Anna will be giving more in-depth insight on the FRC’s recent report, and Karen will be giving her perspective as a CEO and an executive search consultant who carefully considers cultural fit when recruiting board members.

Our research team have produced a short report on belonging and leadership, identifying important implications from the report and some useful suggestions for businesses. Here are a few belonging challenges to give a taster for the seminar:

  1. How can you lead and shape something that is simultaneously shaping you?
  2. Who is responsible for culture when culture belongs to everybody?
  3. How can you improve long-term performance by aligning strategy with culture?
  4. How can leaders become authentic in the eyes of their organisation?