Quoted: Communicate Magazine ‘An ARM and a leg’

In this article Brittany Golob, Communicate Magazine, analyses the acquisition of ‘one of Britain’s most prominent and most successful technology companies,’ ARM Holdings.

Brittany looks at how analysts will adapt to the new landscape, and the potential impact on recruitment and the employer brand.

Belonging Space is quoted.
“Isabel Collins, founder of Belonging Space, an agency that focuses on developing corporate culture, says, mergers and acquisitions are a challenging time in terms of culture.

‘In times of change, it’s very easy for culture to be an afterthought,’

she says.

‘The shift from ‘help’ to ‘harm’ can be rapid if you don’t know what to protect and what to evolve. If [culture and belonging] are not built into the change process, they are remarkably easy to lose.'”

Before talking about the potential expansions of the employee base in Cambridge.

“‘Creative businesses like this tend to have a strong sense of belonging,’

Collins says.

‘Partly from the intimacy of collaboration in early stages of development. This creates a strong sense of shared ownership that is invaluable in a business.’

She says it will be important for SoftBank to outline its cultural framework at the outset to avoid the disruption that can result from poorly-managed internal communications during a merger. Leadership will have to take a strong role in ensuring cultural inclusion throughout the company. But, there is a risk of losing long-time employees and senior managers, which Collins says is a, 

‘Common symptom post-acquisition.’

There are also questions about the tech sector’s ability to recruit and sustain a capable workforce. If shining examples like ARM and Autonomy are no longer, potential employees may have less aspiration for a career in British technology. Collins says ARM’s British heritage and ownership has been an important aspect in its ability to recruit quality employees.

‘This is a company that has attracted the best of world talent. [Drawn to] a feeling of belonging to something very special that has grown out of a small, perfectly-formed idea, in a uniquely British cocktail for innovation: ingenuity, quirk and rigour.’

There may be some uncertainty at ARM Holdings and beyond about the realities of working in the sector.”

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Is your organisation experiencing any belonging challenges caused by recent M&A activity?