Putting an ‘I’ in team… where we all belong

After glorious Olympic success Team GB arrived home to a heroes welcome at Heathrow, in a place with a gold-medal nose on the BA 747 now named ‘Victorious’.

On Bank Holiday Saturday everybody was encouraged to join them in “I am Team GB” a national day of taking-part.

In the boldest move of any brand for a long time ITV  had a blackout, ‘Do not adjust your set’, to encourage everybody to take part and get active. ITC switched off all seven of its channels for an hour on Saturday morning, leaving screen grabs saying ‘Gone running’ and ‘Gone sailing’.

Thousands of people took part in an activity – from swimming a lake to walking the dog.

The victory celebrations in Manchester and London will follow in October when the Paralympians have also returned home.

“I am team GB” puts an ‘I’ in team: let’s also keep the ‘We, shared national pride without nationalism, a community together across sports, backgrounds and regions. Get out, walk the dog, talk to your neighbour, cheer your local football team and hold the sense of belonging.