Does culture help or harm your business? Take our Belonging Space Challenge

Take our Belonging Space Challenge to gain a quick score and a bit of feedback to set you thinking about how culture can help or harm your business.

How can culture harm? Surely culture can only help?
Well, no, it isn’t all benign and groovy.

Culture, and the prevailing view of what’s ‘normal’ or ‘how we do things’, can harm an organisation as much as it can help.

Belonging is a primary human need. We are social animals. We like to feel part of a tribe. But while it’s easy to feel part of one tribe, 21st Century life requires us to belong to many tribes at one time. And that’s much tougher.

That’s why a strong sense of belonging, that links people and teams around a business and connects them to a shared ethos, is so powerful.

Culture can help when people tend to pull together, to connect between teams; but it can cause immense harm when people tend to pull apart or into silos.

When people retreat into belonging to small groups, the result can be mistrust, protectionism and even conflict.

Whereas, when people have a clear line of sight belonging to their small teams AND their division AND their location AND maybe even a different business unit AS WELL AS the whole group – then you get the best of all worlds.


We’ve set out The Belonging Space Challenge to highlight just a few of the ways in which belonging can help or harm.

The questions in The Belonging Space Challenge are a taster of our Belonging Litmus Test LINK, addressing belonging issues like:

  • Candour
  • Pride
  • Appreciation
  • Camaraderie
  • Interconnectedness

Of course you really need to get beyond the surface. A survey alone is not enough to build a picture of the sense of belonging.

That’s why our Belonging Litmus Test combines observation, discussion groups and a survey. We’ve identified the eight key parameters of belonging, around ethos at the heart, that we look at in this test.

And we go much further with our Belonging Deep Dive and workshop series Making the Connections.


But first you need a place to start.

The Belonging Challenge gives you a quick score and a bit of feedback to set you thinking, as well as three minutes’ breathing space from the hurly-burly.

 So find out: Is your corporate culture helping or harming your business?

 Take our Belonging Space Challenge: a quick score and a bit of feedback to set you thinking.


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