Quoted: Communicate Magazine ‘Form Follows Function’

Corporate culture and belonging is difficult to change and it’s important to get right. Its impact on the bottom line is apparent and its affect on reputation measurable. Brittany Golob charts best practice in fostering belonging.

In this article Brittany Golob, Editor of Communicate Magazine, provides a considered and insightful view of the power of belonging to help organisations succeed.

Brittany says:
“The ways in which organisational culture has evolved over the course of military history is representative of the ways in which humans naturally organise themselves. And because of that, most companies have followed suit – drawing their organisational cultures from the practices, symbols, stories, histories and governance structures that comprise their business.”

Brittany quotes our Founder, Isabel Collins:
“We are so programmed as a human species to be tribal and being tribal means lots of things. It means that we have to work together and we like being part of a group. …we like to have our individuality, but we like to be in a group. We get a great deal of reassurance at being part of a group and belonging to a group.” 

Brittany spoke to academic researchers and businesses from diverse fields. She includes great case studies from the US and UK military, EE, and GE, as well as one of our clients, Berendsen, the textile, hygiene and safety solutions business. She quotes Birgitte Skade, Group Marketing Director:
“We have found belonging is much more than just having a list of values, it’s having something you can believe in. And belonging is absolutely about strategy. A simple statement that you can hold up and ask, ‘Are we doing the right thing?’ If so, then everybody can get being it, quickly. It saves time, reduces conflict, makes decisions easier. If not then don’t do it; strategically it probably won’t help you.”

Its a strong overview of the power of belonging and culture.
You can see the full article at Communicate Magazine’s website.

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