The Mayors of London and Paris say alliances between cities can shape the 21st century

In the last few days our sense of belonging has been dislocated by the prospect of leaving the European Union, the potential break-up of the United Kingdom, and the polarised views of communities in different regions of the country.

Amidst all that, here’s another question: how much do we feel we belong to our cities as well as (or even more than) our nation?

Sadiq Khan and Anne Hidalgo, the mayors  of London and Paris, have released a joint statement in the Financial Times and Le Parisien. It’s a manifesto for the 21st century role of cities in ensuring economic and social collaboration – yet with an echo of Renaissance City-states.

“If the nineteenth century was defined by empires and the twentieth century by nation states, the twenty first century belongs to cities.
…As the mayors of London and Paris, we are today committed to working ever more closely together in order to build stronger alliances between cities across Europe and around the world.”

For individuals and corporations whose identity is closely wrapped with London, or another city, this is an important theme.

So much still to see in sharp focus, but one thing is clear: the 21st century challenge is all about how to belong to many tribes at one time.
Belonging Space will continue to observe and share.

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I will work with @Anne_Hidalgo to build strong alliances with cities across the world #LondonIsOpen

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Les villes puevent être un contrepoids puissant face à la léthargie des états-nations et à l’influence des lobbys