Belonging means sharing ownership… Chobani makes employees into partners

Chobani Yoghurt founder Hamdi Ulukaya has made employees into partners who now own 10% stake in the business. Arriving in the USA with an idea and little else he set up the company in 2005 and now it is a thriving multi-billion dollar business and the number 1 Greek yoghurt brand across the United States.

In this interview on NBC News Hamdi shares their story of success.

“It’s all about belief. You’ve got to believe.”

…he says: and his employees clearly do. Their belief and pride is palpable.

When we help establish vision, mission and values, we involve people across the business in pinning down what’s at the heart of their belief. It’s great to see such a strong example.
The culture at Chobani has helped create the ultimate value from shared values: commitment.

The NBC commentator says

“The money means a lot: but being appreciated means even more.”

We agree, and indeed Appreciation is one of the parameters of belonging that we assess when we profile the sense of belonging in a company.

The company is already closely linked with its communities in upstate New York and Idaho, with its Chobani Foundation.

It’s heartwarming to hear such a great case study of belonging in action.


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